Other products

In January 2017, we reduced our range of standard dilution dialysis concentrates for dialysis machines at Fresenius and Longman to eight sorts.

Bicarbonate haemodialysis concentrate:
Dialyhem B-I/G-8 5l
Dialyhem B-I/G-9 5l
Dialyhem B-I/G-10 5l
Dialyhem B-I/G-13 5l
Dialyhem B-I/G-18 5l
Dialyhem B-I/G-19 5l
Dialyhem B-I/2 5,3l

Citric Acid Solution 50% 5l

We are open to start production of any sorts of dialysis concentrates as a contract manufacturing.

Wound irrigation solutions are used to hydrate the wound, to remove debris and bacteria, to assist in visual inspection, to prevent infection, and to improve healing and cosmesis. Sterile irrigating solutions are sterile or nonpyrogenic isotonic solutions, made under sterile conditions. The container closure system consists of a plastic bag and tubing with two ports.

  • Sodium chloride 0,9% IRRISOL 1000ml, 3000ml, 5000ml
  • Ringer IRRISOL 1000ml, 3000ml
  • AQUA IRRISOL 1000ml

In upcoming few months IMUNA PHARM will bring mentioned solutions with bigger volume (2000 ml, 5000 ml) in plastic bag with one port . We are working on Lactated Ringer’s Irrigation too. This solution is useful as an Irrigating fluid for body joints because it approximates the electrolyte composition of synovial fluid, and provides a transparent fluid medium with optical properties suitable for good visualization of the interior joint surface during endoscopic examination.